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Life FM’S End of Financial Year Appeal

To help Life FM make a positive difference across Gippsland, donate to our End of Financial Year Appeal – click here

Dear valued supporter,

For more than 20 years, we at Life FM Gippsland have been honoured to broadcast a message of hope across the region which has touched hearts and changed lives.

As Gippsland’s only Christian community radio station, it is our goal to continue serving our community with this important work – but we can’t do it without your help.

Broadcasting a message of hope doesn’t come cheap. It costs about $150,000 a year to run Life FM.

Without the support of loyal listeners like you, Life FM will be unable to provide this invaluable service of spreading the life-changing message of Jesus across Gippsland.

Without increased financial support, the future of Life FM Gippsland is in question.

As we head to end of the financial year, we ask you to consider supporting Life FM Gippsland in our life-changing work by donating to our End of Financial Year Appeal, which is being held throughout June.

There’s a reason we’re called Life FM; our vision is to deliver hope of a better life and future to every home in Gippsland. We aim to work with churches and the Christian community to bring new life across Gippsland.

Life FM has the unique ability to evangelise and minister hope of a better life and future to homes, workplaces and cars from Pakenham to Mallacoota. We feature positive, uplifting, family-friendly programs, conversations and music that builds faith into listeners.

Parents can feel confident that when their children listen to Life FM, they will not be bombarded with questionable content. Rather, they can trust that their children will feel uplifted, and emboldened in their faith.

Over the years, countless people have told us they have heard just the right thing at the right time on Life FM and have found Christ, connected to a local church or received healing and hope as a result.

Here is a sample of feedback we’ve received from listeners:

“I like Life FM because of the positive messages they play. I find the content to be uplifting and motivational for the spirit. Listening to Life FM has been a great resource in my walk with God.”

“Without Life FM I would probably be a dead now. It made me feel wanted, needed and that there’s someone out there that can help. The songs on the radio gave me guidance and warmth. (Life FM) is about helping people believe in themselves and making yourself believe you are worthy and important.”

“I love that I can have my children in the car and what Life FM is talking about is positive and there’s no crude remarks.”

“To hear it impacting people’s lives and bringing hope to a really dark world – I think it is so important.”

If we lose this valuable resource, we lose a local ministry that is almost limitless in its ability to reach people from all walks of life across a vast broadcast area – not only through the radio, but also streaming online and our podcast.

Without organisations such as Life FM, who will send out the uplifting and encouraging message of Jesus in a way uniquely designed for Gippsland?

Where in the local media will people be inspired by the life-changing message of Jesus and buoyant music?

There is a gap in the media options in this region that only Life FM Gippsland is filling.

With your continued support, we will be able to do this for many years to come.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider to what extent you can support Life FM Gippsland by giving generously to our End of Financial Year Appeal.

To donate and help keep the inspiration alive, go to our website.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and will be receipted.

For more information or assistance, please phone us on 5143 0355 during business hours.


Yours in Christ,

David Braithwaite – Station Manager, Life FM Gippsland

Yvonne Coffey- President, Life FM Gippsland

Top 5 Essential Resources for Parents

There’s no doubt about it – parenting is a difficult and often thankless task that we seem to work tirelessly for. 

There are new challenges every day as we aim to raise our children into mature young people. On any given day we may jump from trying to engage our kids in dinner table conversation (while you ask them to put their phones away) or chasing them up to do the simple household chores (that always seem to get forgotten). The joys and challenges of parenting are endless.

As part of celebrating National Families Week, Focus on the Family Australia is upskilling your family with downloadable resources to address the top five issues in 2024.

  • Avoiding Chore Wars
  • 50 Questions to Ask your Kids at the Dinner Table
  • Talking to your Kids about Depression & Anxiety
  • 5 tips for keeping your kids phone time under control
  • Talking to your Kids about Sex

Focus on the Family Australia has been strengthening marriages and families for more than 30 years.  We provide a wealth of resources, events and support programs to help families across the country. We focus on real life issues and offer relevant, practical support for every member of the family. We’re dedicated to equipping parents, children, and spouses to thrive in an ever-changing, ever more complicated world, by promoting God honouring marriages and advocating for parents as role models for their children.

We hope these resources help you to skill up your parenting know-how and to have healthy conversations and meaningful relationships with your kids, which is critical for building a solid foundation of trust that demonstrates steadfast love and teaches them how to grow into a healthy young person. Parenting is hard and we all want the very best for our children. But you don’t have to walk it alone. Focus on the Family Australia is with you the whole way on that long journey. 

You probably have your own tips and special techniques that have done wonders in your family. We would love you to share them with us! Please click below for immediate access to Australian parent’s top five issues.

Direct Links to Focus on the Family Australia’s downloadable resources:

50 Questions to ask your kids at the dinner Table

Talking to your Kids about Sex

Avoiding Chore Wars

Talking to your kids about Depressions and Anxiety

5 tips for keeping your kids phone time under control

For all these resources and more go to our Family Tool Kit

Coming Soon… ‘Youth On Beat’

‘Youth on Beat – By Youth, For Youth’ is a unique program designed not only to amplify the voices of diverse communities, but to train, equip, guide, and empower the youth of Gippsland to create their own unique, quality content. The vision came about through a Sudanese Elder in the Latrobe valley in 2020, who reached out to Life FM with a plea to provide a program that would assist their youth who were experiencing difficulties transitioning between their ethnic culture and modern Australian culture.

Get Involved! Inquire Today.

⇈ Listen to our Demo of ‘Youth On Beat’ ⇈

The show itself will be hosted by First Nations Australian Mercedes Coombes, who is a standout in her regional community. Partnering with her is Emily Duncan, who has spent 7 years in radio content production and is known for her creative talent.

Together, they and their team have gathered support from local First Nations Australian, Sudanese, and Nigerian communities with plans to reach out to PNG and Filipino communities and many more.

Life FM has partnered with award-winning producers at CheekyMac Productions, whose passion is to tackle the rapid decline of mental health in today’s youth through the art of music and songwriting workshops. They will provide invaluable training for those working on this project in the skills of production, presentation, and community engagement. It is our goal to foster a sense of pride and autonomy in our young people who will learn how to articulate and present their own perspective in such a way that engages the broader communities. It will empower them greatly to amplify their voices in their own creative style, and to share their perspective.

With this exclusive team of content creators, we will produce engaging episodes that will cover a range of local information relevant to the Gippsland community it serves, including updates on local events, cultural festivals, community initiatives, and resources available to youth. We will feature interviews with local artists, activists, and leaders, shedding light on the vibrant cultural scene and important issues facing the community and guests native community overseas.

By providing this local information, the program fosters a sense of connection and belonging among listeners while empowering them to actively participate in their community’s growth and development.

Life FM’s 20th Birthday Celebration: a night to remember

More than 60 people, including current and former board members, sponsors, staff and volunteers, attended Life FM Gippsland’s 20th Birthday Celebration at the Traralgon Golf Club last month.

Plenty of memories were shared, fun was had, and food was enjoyed as the Christian community radio station celebrated two decades of broadcasting.

After president Yvonne Coffey welcomed guests, singer/songwriter David Eime began the night’s entertainment with a beautiful acoustic sound. Guests then enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Lisha’s Kitchen.

Station manager David Braithwaite interviewed founding CEO Deb Bye, who spoke about the vision to establish a Christian radio station in Gippsland and the challenges the team faced. Deb described the four years of hard work by volunteers, along with the support of churches from different denominations, which led to Life FM’s first broadcast on October 29, 2003. The efforts of all who contributed to the station were recognised at the 20th birthday celebrations.

After hearing birthday messages from Christian radio identities from across Australia and New Zealand, David interviewed former production manager Randell Green.

Randell spoke about the many highlights of his time at Life FM, which was more than a decade, including interviews with international artists and the production of content which gained national recognition.

Randell’s daughter Natalie, who performs as Ambrose, then wooed the crowd with her music. Ambrose’s song “Breathe Again” spent 14 weeks on the Australian Christian music chart in 2021.

Life FM membership and production co-ordinator Emily Duncan presented the vision of Life FM to take the station into the future, which includes new programs, engaging a new generation of volunteers, and reaching out to local churches and community groups. Life FM prides itself on being part of the Gippsland community, and wants to work alongside local organisations to fulfil its overall vision to “deliver hope of a better life and future to every home in Gippsland”.

Producer and film maker Danielle McAlpine-Johnson then spoke about one of the exciting new programs Life FM has in production, “Youth On Beat”, which is being produced “by youth, for youth”. The program aims to amplify voices from youth of all backgrounds, tacking social, cultural and political issues relevant to the community.

Danielle’s husband, singer/songwriter Chico Johnson helped end the evening on a high note, with his music getting the room jumping.

Station manager David Braithwaite said the evening was a fitting way to celebrate 20 years of Life FM.

“It was encouraging to see so many people who have contributed to Life FM’s success. We had a great number of former staff members, volunteers, listeners and sponsors attend,” he said.

“There were many renewed connections, and many stories told, while the talented local musicians added to the fun of the night.

“It was wonderful to have Deb Bye attend. Without her vision and passion to see a Christian radio station in Gippsland, many people would have missed out on hearing positive music and powerful and encouraging messages.

“We wanted to honour those who came before us and did the hard work to get Life FM to air. They helped make the station what is it today, and our aim is to ensure their work continues.

“Here’s to another 20 years.”

Life FM Gippsland to celebrate 20 years of life-changing radio

Life FM Gippsland will mark 20 years of life-changing radio with a 20th Birthday Celebration in March.

The event will be held Saturday, March 23, from 6pm at the Traralgon Golf Club, Princes Highway, Traralgon.

The evening will include a delicious dinner, incredible music, laughter and memories of 20 years of Life FM.

Life FM Gippsland, a Christian community radio station, first went to air in the early hours of October 29, 2003, on the 103.9 FM frequency, on which it still broadcasts.

Two decades later, 1039 Life FM Gippsland is still going strong, broadcasting positive, uplifting music and messages of hope across the region, as well as locally-produced programs.

Station manager David Braithwaite said there was a lot to celebrate.

“While Life FM first went to air in 2003, efforts to get us on the air go back to 1999 with the work and vision of inaugural CEO Deb Bye and a group of dedicated volunteers, who had a desire to give the Christian community a place in Gippsland radio,” David said.

“We want to celebrate those who made Life FM what it is today: a vibrant community radio station broadcasting a positive message, and to introduce the new generation of presenters, producers and volunteers who will take the vision of Life FM into the future.

“Anyone who was played a part in Life FM’s success, including valued listeners and sponsors, are invited to attend our 20th birthday event, which promises to be an unforgettable evening.”

The night will include music from recognised local artists Chico Johnson, Natalie Ambrose and David Eime, as well as presentations from former Life FM personalities Deb Bye and Randell Green, whose voices would be familiar to long-time listeners of Life FM.

“You’ll hear stories about how Life FM came to be and of our journey over the past two decades,” David said.

“You’ll also have the opportunity to mingle with the current Life FM team and other like-minded individuals who share your passion for great music and the life-changing message of Jesus.”

Tickets to Life FM’s 20th Birthday Celebration cost $25 each, and are available from

For more information phone 5143 0355 during business hours or email

For catering purposes, please RSVP by March 2.

The event is supported by Latrobe City Council.