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Fresh Life for Gippsland November Appeal!

Fresh Life for Gippsland November Appeal!

Announcing Life FM’s Fresh Life for Gippsland Appeal!




We invite you to join the team bringing Fresh Life For Gippsland! and be part of the vision to positively impact households, workplaces and communities all across our region.

Your gift today will help to reach our $30,000 appeal target and bring Fresh Life for Gippsland!


Reaching this goal by 30 November is vital to keeping 1039 Life FM on the air so together we can bring Fresh Life For Gippsland!


If you like the idea of having kid safe, positive, family focused messages of hope broadcasting directly to your local community, then contributing to bring Fresh Life for Gippsland is the right action for you.


You don’t need to do everything, you just need to do something to partner with us to reach our goal. Lots of people taking small actions equals a big result!


The truth is, together…we can do a lot!

Join the growing team of people partnering with Life FM! Together we are making the vision of bringing Life Changing Radio to Gippsland a reality as we impact families, workplaces, community groups and individuals.


As you may know, there are certain requirements we must meet as a community radio station. For example, we have to prove we have the financial support of our community, and we can only use sponsorship advertising for five minutes each hour (which isn’t enough to sustain the station).


Each day it takes a $523 investment to broadcast our message of hope to people in the Gippsland community. This means your donation is truly precious to keeping 1039 Life FM alive and to reaching the $30,000 goal to keep us on air.


So, please use the enclosed response form to send your gift today.


Through your gift, you will be part of a team that positively impacts the lives of listeners like this testimony below…


“Life FM is an awesome radio station. I wanted to tell you how well it equips me for my day. The music has been fantastic – inspiring, uplifting, I listen to it on the way to work”


Your gift today is vital to bring Fresh Life for Gippsland through our Life Changing Radio. So please give generously to help meet this vital $30,000 goal by 30 November!


Head to our donate page to donate today!


Michael Rowell

General Manager


P.S.     Your gift today will help reach the $30,000 goal for the Fresh Life for Gippsland End-of-Year Appeal, so please give generously!



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