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Dungeon Identities Revealed!

On the eve of the Dungeon of Darkness, the Life FM Dungeon Masters (pictured below) have revealed the current identities of the brave Gippslanders entering the Dungeon on Friday 29th June!

Once in the dungeon, the captives will seek to quickly contact as many people as possible to raise their ransom and be freed.

Stay tuned to 103.9 Life FM on Friday 29th June and head to lifefm.com.au/donate – they will probably be calling you for help!!

The “willing” captives are:

Councillor Malcolm Hole – Wellington Shire

Pastor Brad Hayman – Sale Baptist Church

Gary Williams – The Farmers Arms

Phil Gordyn – Sale Aussie Disposals (plea bargain!)

Pastor Jacqui Postlethwaite – Sale Baptist Church

Holly Creaser – East Gippsland Lawn Care

Pastor Brian Heath – City Builders Church

Councillor Sharon Gibson – Latrobe City Council

Pastor Simon Fink – Family Life Ministries

Councillor Darren McCubbin – Wellington Shire

Glenn White – Gippsland Limo Service (plea bargain!)

Mark Poole – Sale Baptist Church

Pastor Graham Gunning – Kingsway Christian Centre

Yvonne Coffey – City Builders Church