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The need to reach out to our local community has never been so urgent!

At the same time, the opportunity to reach hearts and touch lives with our message of hope through Life Changing Radio has never been greater!

I invite you to join us as we Reach out to Gippsland in our December 2019 appeal, running from December 9th to December 16th. 

A recent Victorian government report highlighted that Gippsland, or specific parts of it, recorded lower state averages in the areas of:

Life expectancy


Youth engagement


Children with emotional or behavioural problems

Lower gross regional product and capital investment

Child protection substantiations

Mental health issues

Crime rates

Early childhood outcomes

It is clear our region faces significant challenges and there are hurting, broken and lost people reflecting the reality of these figures.

The inspiring and heartfelt testimony of Andee from Moe, currently being broadcast on Life FM, demonstrates the pain of these circumstances, but also the hope and the victory of a transformed life…

“Before I found God I was a drug addict and a drunk, and a very angry person. I had seen the death of my brother and my best friend and blamed God for everything. After connecting with my local pastor, who helped me through the pain I was feeling, I see the beauty in life now that I walk with God, and there has been a real change in every area of my life.”

That’s why it is even more important than ever before that we reach out to people through our broadcast, declaring a positive and alternative truth that “He has given us a future and a hope”. (Jeremiah 29:11)

You may not personally be in a position to reach out to your friends, family or neighbors but you can support Life FM as we transmit an invitation 24/7. We are filling the atmosphere of our region with God focused music, messages and testimonies from local churches spanning from Lakes Entrance to Warragul, inviting people to connect with their local church and the opportunity to enter their own process of restoration.

Join the growing team of supporters bringing Life Changing Radio to Gippsland by providing a financial contribution to the only locally based Christian radio station in Gippsland, and help speak life, hope and restoration to our hurting community.

Join with us today in “Reaching Out to Gippsland” to reach a heart and touch a life. To make a donation simply click here.  

Michael Rowell

General Manager

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1039 Life FM Gippsland has been bringing Life Changing Radio through positive media to Gippsland homes, workplaces and communities since 1999! Our 4 core values are :

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From our listeners...


"Thank you for the positive message of hope you provide for our community. We listen in the car and love the music, messages, little tips and the vision news.  :-)"

Wendy - Gippsland 


"There has been some great stories and music broadcast on LIfeFM which has inspired me to think and change a few area's in my life for the better."

Paul - Gormandale 

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